About Us

At Goodfind Toys, everyday we strive to be the world's best online toy store. We sell toys across the globe that people of all ages are hunting for and may not be able to find in their local markets. We want to help people have exciting moments of getting that special toy or collectible they've been waiting for, whether they are buying it for themselves or for someone they care for.

Goodfind Toys Inc. was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Sean Copeland during the global pandemic of 2020. At the time, people around the world found themselves stuck indoors and unable to experience traditional in-store shopping. Buying toys and collectibles online, for many, was a way to share joy and reward during an otherwise trying time in human history. 

Thank you for supporting Goodfind Toys, we hope you find that special thing you've been looking for!

Email: support@goodfindtoys.com

Toll-Free Phone (US & CAN): 1-833-280-3655