Why Collectors Avidly Seek Marvel and DC Build-a-Figures

There’s always so much buzz surrounding Marvel and DC. Two of the biggest comic franchises have multiple cinematic universes with movies, TV shows and even more content. There’s no shortage of merchandise on the market for these powerhouses either, but there are certain ones that always stand out. For instance, the Build-a-Figure (BAF) action toys. 

What is a Build-a-Figure? These action figures are typically included as extras, separated into individual pieces, such as arms, legs, a torso and head, in the packaging of other complete action figures. Often, collectors will have to buy the entire wave of a line of action figures to obtain all of the Build-a-Figure parts, to then construct the entire bonus figure.

Whether it’s a villain that the Avengers faced or a hero from the Justice League, there’s a BAF for just about everyone. What exactly makes these action figures so collectable? And how do you go about seeking and starting a collection?

Continue reading this inside look into why many toy collectors are avidly seeking out Marvel and DC BAF action figures. 


Curating a Collection

Scouring the sites and stores for a specific BAF model that you want is no easy feat, and there has to be motivation for it. Many toy collectors may have their own reason for really getting into the spirit of this practice. Here are some of the common reasons why these comic action figures are so sought after:

  • Interest. The most common reason to start up a collection is due to the interest that one may hold for Marvel and DC. Having a love for the worlds that’s been produced can be enough drive to get into collecting.
  • Character Preference. Perhaps you actively favour specific characters rather than the whole line. Many BAF packs feature multiple suits from Captain America, Batman, and several other kinds of characters.
  • Hobby. Some toy collectors may just really love the habit of collecting. Keeping a shelf of the different Marvel and DC BAF packages that you’ve accumulated throughout the years can spark excitement.
  • Experience. Build-a-Figures are specifically in demand because of the special experience collectors have when creating the action toy. It can be a special moment for any kid or adult when your favourite character is finally constructed.

    Starting a Collection

    To start a collection, it’s best to start small. That’s the same case for just about any Marvel and DC BAF collection. Try to choose what specific toy line, character or group you want to focus on. For example, the Marvel Legends figures are a major hit among collectors.

    Try to keep in mind that you should use your budget wisely and to your own liking. Some may opt to go for more inexpensive models to buy a lot, while others only purchase a few due to how expensive they can be. You can go for just about any approach in the beginning.

    If you don't want all of the additional figures that come with the BAF pieces, you can often find the complete figures out of box from other collectors and sellers on marketplaces like eBay. Just keep in mind that they won't be mint in sealed boxes in that case.


    Building a Collection

    Once you have a collection established, it’s recommended to go a little slower than before, especially if you want to be cost conscious. Collecting can be fun, but it can also be expensive to maintain. Have some intervals in between the BAF models that you’re eyeing and buying. Keep an eye out for news releases from popular brands like Hasbro, where they provide lots of notice about new figures being released, so that you can plan accordingly.

    If you’re interested in having some sense of convenience while avidly building your collection of action figures, try to order online from an official distributor or toy store. You’re likely to get figures at a discount or at least at retail prices, and you wouldn’t have to sweat and waste gas to get to a physical store. Often, online retailers will also offer pre-order opportunities on your favorite toy lines as well.


    Marvel is continuing to expand its universe by introducing newer characters from the comics. DC continues to do the same while the spotlight shines on its villains. Thus, it can be extremely exciting to see what BAF figures await us in the future.

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