Hottest Collectible Toys For Summer 2021 From Goodfind Toys

Summer is synonymous with play. And now, as each sunrise and sunset whittles down the prolonged days, we take stock on the successes of summer passed: the number of ice cream cones ingested and dripped on shirts, of slip-and-slides slid through fresh grass, and of mid-day catnaps taken in the sunshine.

But between all that downtime, we’ve been busy here at Goodfind Toys. We’ve been sourcing the best collectibles, stocking store-room shelves, and shipping boxes out like Christmas elves staying sharp with side hustles in the off-season. 

And throughout, we’ve noticed some specific toys have been tougher to keep on the shelves for long. We’ve assembled a list of the hottest collectibles of the summer, so have a look — whether it’s for yourself or for someone with a toy-sized hole in their heart. 

#5. DC Comics & Batman 4-inch Action Figures From Spin Master

Superman Action Figure

Start up your own Justice League with these DC collectibles from Spin Master. These four-inch action figures come with 11 points of articulation for the ultimate in possible poses, as well as some surprise accessories to help our heroes complete their mission.

Batman Action Figure

Will it be Shark Repellent Bat Spray? Krypto’s leash? A mint copy of Action Comics #1? Unfortunately not… but you will find items like armour, blasters and shields to fight against the forces of chaos.

Joker Action Figure

Or sow a little chaos yourself with The Joker! The Clown Prince Of Crime also comes with his own mission card and accessories, plus a collector’s guide to keep track of your set. Some people just want to watch the world burn, while others just want another cool action figure. Now you can have both!

Check out Superman, Batman and The Joker at Goodfind Toys, and keep an eye out for more DC Comics figures including Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Robin. 

#4. Bakugan Geogan Rising Action Figures From Spin Master

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Bakugan, the Japanese-Canadian TV show/card game/video game/toy/etc./etc./etc. phenomenon. And if you are living under a rock, have you checked to make sure that rock isn’t actually a sphere that’s about to explode into a frenzy of serrated wings and plate armour? Because Bakugan is everywhere… Just sayin’.

Bakugan Dragonoid Action Figure Battling Toy

There are more than 200 different figures in Season 3 alone, so kick-start your collection with some of our three-packs that feature Geogan Rising characters like Sharktar, Cyndeous and Dragonoid.

#3. Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures and Bobble-Heads from Funko

It’s probably no surprise that Funko Pop’s figures would end up on this list. The endlessly expanding lineups have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for nostalgic nods to McDonald’s characters, My Little Pony or The Simpsons

Funko Pop Butterscotch My Little Pony

Each character measures about 3-¼ inches and comes in a window-display box so your figures stay in sight while also staying safe. Keep in mind that while these collectibles arrive in their original packaging, they’re not sealed, so you can display (or play with!) the toys without worrying about hurting their collector’s value.

With around 20,000 different products across Funko’s dozens of different toy lines, you’ll probably run out of space in your house long before you run out of figures to collect.

#2. Masters Of The Universe Origins Action Figures From Mattel

With the recent release of Masters Of The Universe Revelations on Netflix, fans new and old are diving into the epic struggle for the fate of Eternia. Mattel has also continued to expand its Masters of The Universe, uh, universe, with the Origins line of collectibles. You get the same retro feel from the ‘80s figures but with some modern design updates, including 16 moveable joints (or 12 for Battle Cat) for maximum action.

Masters of The Universe Battle Cat

We’ve got warriors both heroic and evil in stock, including Clamp Champ, Evil-Lyn and Ram Man.

Check our full list of MOTU action figures here.

#1. Transformers Generations Selects Action Figures From Hasbro

Is it any surprise that Transformers top our list? Hasbro’s ubiquitous robo-vehicle line has been going strong for nearly 40 years. The Generations Selects figures have proven incredibly popular with collectors, updating versions of classic characters.

Hub Cap Transformers Action Figure

Whether you’re looking for a giant robot holding a cannon or a sports car with a giant cannon on it, Hubcap’s got you covered. (No, that’s not Bumblebee.)

Megatron Transformers Action Figure

The Megatron figurine — inspired by the Generation 2 colourway from the ‘90s — transforms from a tank to a robot with a fusion cannon and battle sword. 

We’ve found that our collectors haven’t been able to get enough, so grab your own while the getting is good! 

Check out Megatron, Hubcap, and Powerdasher at Goodfind Toys.


And don’t forget to check back with us around the holiday season to see the next list of our best-selling collectibles.

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