The Best Ghostbuster Collectible Toys for Both Children and Adults

With Ghostbusters: Afterlife finally arriving in theatres on November 19, 2021 (after delays dating back to July 2020), we’re happy to see that spooky season is getting an extension for at least another few weeks.  

As the fourth film in the series, Ghostbusters: Afterlife focuses on Phoebe and Trevor, the grandchildren of Dr. Egon Spengler, who was played by Harold Ramis in the classic ‘80s movies. The two kids discover their heritage and undoubtedly get into some action-packed paranormal hijinx along the way.

The passing of the generational torch applies to the filmmakers too. Director Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two films in the franchise.

So far, critics have been mostly positive about the film. It currently stands at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes with 47 reviews (as of November 11, 2021). 

Whether you’re looking to get suited up to take on the ghosts, goblins and ghouls that go bump in the night, or if you’re looking for toys and action figures to add to your collection, we’ve got you covered.

Here are Goodfind’s picks for the most spooktacular toys from the Ghostbuster movies.


Dress-up Kits 

These roleplay toy sets from Hasbro may be the perfect solution if you’re tired of your kids taking apart your vacuum cleaner to cosplay as the Ghostbusters. The pieces are sold separately but connect together for the ultimate roleplay outfit.

Ghostbusters Full Toy Roleplay Kit on Child

First, test to see if ghosts are nearby with the P.K.E. Meter — that stands for psycho-kinetic energy, for any lay-busters out there — then make up to 15 different spooky noises with the Ghost Whistle (presumably to annoy them into returning to the ethereal plane). If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to capture them with the Proton Blaster.

Each of these accessories connect to the iconic Proton Pack, which helps "power" all the gear for maximum ghostbustage.   

We’ve also got the M.O.D. Proton Blaster, which comes with several accessories so kids can customize their own attachments.

Ghostbusters MOD Blaster in Variety of Setups

There’s also the Ghostbusters: Afterlife-inspired Mini-Puft Popper Blaster so you can line ‘em up and knock ‘em down with soft foam projectiles in the shape of those rascally Mini-Puft characters from the movie.

And hey, Halloween doesn’t have to be the only time of year to get dressed up. Think of all the occasions the kids could wear this: the premiere of the movie, the next visit to grandma’s, or hunting down the Ghost of Christmas Past… the possibilities are endless.

Afterlife Collectibles

Ghostbusters Afterlife Action Figure Complete Collection

What’s a new Ghostbusters movie without a new line-up of awesome collectibles? The latest Plasma Series from Hasbro features six characters straight out of the movie, from the new generation (Trevor, Lucky and Podcast) to modern-day versions of the original crew (Peter, Winston and Ray). 

Each figure is highly poseable and includes premium details and plenty of accessories, including a piece of a Sentinel Terror Dog. Collect them all to assemble this terrifying terrier. 


Retro-Themed Collectibles

Ghostbusters Fright Feature Winston Action Figure

It’s not always easy to get original Ghostbuster toys from the ‘80s, but these Fright Feature retro-themed action figures could scratch that itch. These 2021 releases pay homage to the characters from the classic films, with action figures for Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon.  

Each of the four Ghostbusters comes with a spooky ghost for them to blast with their proton pack. 

Ghostbusters Fright Features Slimer Action Figure

And once you have the whole team, you can expand with ghosts including Slimer, Muncher, and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. All of them come with a “fright feature” that amps up the terror as they twist, shift and spin into an even scarier form.

Crossover Collections

Rule #1 is “Don’t cross the streams,” but no one said anything about crossing franchises. My Little Pony and Playmobil bring a piece of the paranormal with these two collections.  

Ghostbusters Playmobil Team

The Playmobil set figures feature the four original Ghostbusters — Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore — in their 1984 uniforms, with proton packs, neutrino wands and a ghost trap.

Ghostbusters My Little Pony Crossover

The My Little Pony figure taps into two distinct nostalgia centres in your brain for the ultimate pony-back ride down memory lane. The appropriately named “Plasmane” stands 4-½ inches tall and features a shock of ectoplasm-green hair.

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