5 Popular Reasons People Start Collecting Toys Like Action Figures

Toys are an integral part of childhood development, and are also a way for adults to revisit their past and relive sweet childhood memories. Action figures are highly collectable for various reasonshere are some of the most popular ones:

1. As a Hobby

Many people collect action figures because it’s a hobby that inspires them and gives them joy. There are also surprising health benefits to collecting; a 2009 study found that people who spent more time on leisure activities were more likely to have lower blood pressure, lower levels of depression and stress, and overall better psychological and physical functioning. Hobbies are also known to jump-start creativity or allow the mind to wander and look at problems from a new perspective. 

2. To Commemorate a Movie

It’s a common practice in Hollywood to tie-in action figures to film releases. During the 80s and 90s, action figures were selling like hotcakes alongside the release of Star Wars. Gary Kurtz, a producer for the film, mentioned that Star Wars profited three times more on toys than in cinema! Even Star Wars creator George Lucas says that the money is in the action figures. 

In film franchises, action figures are seen as an accessory. The Harry Potter films made $7.7 billion in the box office, while the value of their merchandise peaked at $15 billion. On the other hand, the Toy Story franchise generated $10 billion on action figures and merch in its final stretch—10 times more than their revenue at the global box office.

3. To Relive Their Childhood

Toys from our childhood hold a special place in our memory, connecting us to places and people from our past. Everyone’s childhood is different. While some may have the financial ability to ask for toys as a kid, other families struggled to live paycheck-to-paycheck. As kids from underprivileged families grow into adults, their newfound financial independence might provide an opportunity to acquire that highly-coveted collectable from their childhood. Comic-book artist Todd McFarlane says that collecting toys is another way to express one’s individuality. “It says: This is who I am to the world,” he adds.

4. As a Financial Investment

More than a hobby, collecting toys is a financial investment for a lot of people. However, even if toys can earn a clean-cut profit, they shouldn’t be seen as investments that come and go. Instead, they should be treated as valuable assets.

Henry Kovel, the author of Kovel’s Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide, recalls that he’s seen many people battle over a toy at auctions. People are willing to spend a lot of money on these hard-to-find collectables.

5. For a Sense of Accomplishment

Many collectors say that they enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with acquiring the action figures they’ve been searching for. Some like the fun of the quest and the excitement of the hunt, while others simply enjoy the thrill from their acquisitions.

Action figures, especially those released a few years ago, are sometimes more difficult to find. Collectors would have to go to auctions, antique shops, or even thrift stores to see what they are looking for. However, not all hunts succeed, or the item may be found in imperfect condition. The thrill of the hunt and the sense of accomplishment that comes with finding that elusive item drives many people to collect.


Starting an action figure collection is a rewarding hobby and experience. Think about your reasons for collection, and start your collection by making some smart first purchases. Through a bit of research online, you’ll know which collectables are hot for the season and which ones are likely to stand the test of time.

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