Not Everything You Need to Know About the Power Rangers

There are very few franchises that have attained the level of success that the Power Rangers franchise has. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Power Rangers pretty much defined the childhood of an entire generation. And while the franchise is still popular today, some younger people may not be familiar with the Power Rangers.

Read on as we break down not nearly everything you need to know about the Power Rangers!

Who created the Power Rangers?

While the Power Rangers by Haim Saban originally debuted back in the 1990s, their origins can be traced back even further than that. This is because the Power Rangers was inspired by Shotaro Ishinomori’s Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai which first aired in 1975.

The original iteration of the Power Rangers came in the form of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which was first released back in 1993. This show basically laid the groundwork for all the shows and movies to follow. The show revolved around the five original Power Rangers, which were normal human teenagers who were bestowed with powers so they could defend the earth from ancient galactic threats. 

The shows that would follow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would differ in theme but would still basically follow the original show’s premise. Since its debut in 1993, there are now 26 seasons and 21 different iterations of the Power Rangers.

What impact did Power Rangers have?

Considering how popular the show is, it’s not surprising that it has managed to spill over to different forms of media as well. In fact, there are a multitude of Power Rangers video games that allow players to control their favourite Power Ranger. Perhaps the best example of this is Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which allows you to play as memorable Power Rangers and villains from the shows. 

Beyond video games, Power Rangers toys are also incredibly popular. So much so that these toys rake in millions of dollars annually, as people can’t seem to get enough of this iconic franchise. 


As you can see, the Power Rangers franchise is one of the most storied and expansive television franchises in the world, and we couldn't possibly tell you everything you need to know in this one short article.

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