How to Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers For Beginners

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: A Beginner’s Guide

Bakugan began as an anime TV series in Japan on April 5, 2007, and now anyone can learn how to play it at home. The game's objective is to collect three Gate Cards in your Used Pile, after which you will be declared the winner of the game.


Preparing the Setup

To begin, each player chooses three different Bakugan (the same Bakugan with different G-Powers is considered different), three Gate Cards (one Gold, one Silver, and one Copper/Bronze), three Ability Cards (one Red, one Blue, and one Green), up to two unique Support Pieces (Support Pieces with different G-Powers/Attributes/Types are considered different), and up to three unique BakuNano (BakuNano with different G-Powers/Types)

How Players Take Part in the Game

As soon as the game begins, each player collects all of their cards, Bakugan, support pieces, and BakuNano and puts them in the Unused Pile, which can be found to the right of the player's seat. This pile contains every item that has not yet been utilized. When placed in your Unused Pile, Gate Cards and Ability Cards are always dealt face down. There is another pile on your left labeled the Used Pile, and it contains every item that has been played.

In a two-person game, each player puts one of their Gate Cards face down in the middle of the playing field, one on top of the other with your Gate Card on top of the stack of Gate Cards. The bottom corners of your opponents' Gate Cards should be touched by the bottom corners of your Gate Cards in a three-player game and a four-player game, respectively. In a three-player game, the formation should be such that it creates a triangle in the middle of the field.

In a four-player game, the configuration should be such that it creates a square in the middle of the field. The youngest participant initiates the game, and then the game proceeds in a clockwise direction from there. After all of the Gate Cards have been placed on the field, all players must lay out Gate Cards in the manner described in this section.

How to Roll During Your Turn

On your turn, you may roll your Bakugan at least two card lengths away from the nearest Gate Card, or you can play specific Ability Cards if they are in the range of the closest Gate Card (ones that take effect before or after your roll). Bakugans stand when they open (or even partly open) their mouths or when they come to a complete halt on a Gate Card. If there are no other Bakugan on that Gate Card, then it is the turn of the person who comes after you in the game.

If a Bakugan belonging to an opponent appears on the Gate Card, a battle begins. The Bakugan on that Gate Card must be moved to another Gate Card if another Bakugan is likewise on that Gate Card.

Alternatively, if there is no other Gate Card on the field or if all other Bakugan on the field are yours, you may take both the Bakugan and the Gate Card they landed on and put them in your Used Pile as a single unit.

If you lose track of your Bakugan, that Bakugan is put in your Used Pile until you find it again. To roll if you don't have any Bakugan in your Unused Pile, remove all of your Bakugan, Support Pieces, and BakuNano from your Used Pile and put them all in your Unused Pile. After that, choose one and roll it.

Assuming that all of your Bakugan is on the field and you do not have any Bakugan in either your Used or Unused piles, you may choose one of your remaining Bakugan on the field to "Stay." The Bakugan you called "Stay" on is still on the field if a Battle hasn't begun with that Bakugan yet when your turn comes around, and you get to put that Bakugan into your Used Pile with the Gate Card that it was standing on.

How a Battle Takes Place

Battles begin when two Bakugan from separate players land on the same Gate Card, starting a battle. Before the Gate Card is turned over, players must choose whether or not specific Ability Cards may be used in conjunction with it. The Gate Card is then turned over, and the text on the card is read aloud. Afterward, glance at each of the Bakugan's printed G-Powers and add the Gate Attribute bonus that corresponds to your Bakugan's attribute to your Bakugan's G-Powers. 

Once this is completed, players may begin to play Ability Cards, Support Pieces, and BakuNano from your Unused Pile, beginning with the player who initiated the fight. By the conclusion of the fight, the Bakugan with the most G-Power has emerged victorious. A Bakugan who was the first to stand on the Gate Card wins if the game ends in a draw. After a fight, any Gate Cards obtained via victory are placed in the winner's Used pile, and all Bakugan and Support Pieces are placed in their respective owners' Used Piles.

Final Winner 

Each Bakugan is a member of one of six Attributes: Pyrus Pyrus(Fire), Subterra Subterra (Earth), Haos Haos (Light), Darkus Darkus (Darkness), Aquos Aquos (Water), and Ventus Ventus (Ventilation/Wind). In addition, each Bakugan comes with a printed G-Power. These are utilized in Battle to help decide who is the victorious party.

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