Everything You Need to Know About the Star Wars Black Series

If you’ve ever considered getting into the world of collectible action figures or you're a huge Star Wars fan, then a line you must know about is the Star Wars Black Series. I'd argue to say that everyone in the fandom is familiar with the name because of its popularity as a set. 

Created by Hasbro, the collection is mainly focused on limited six-inch action figures, though the line has also featured Force FX lightsabers and prop replica helmets throughout its years of releases. If you’re an avid collector, or want to get started in building your collectible investments, here are some facts you should know about Star Wars The Black Series collection.

What Figures Are In the Black Series?

The series first launched in 2013 and featured Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot), R2-D2, Darth Maul and a squad leader Sandtrooper. From 2014 to 2015, figures started getting released in numerous waves with different packaging. It included orange design figures released in four waves and blue design figures in five. 

A new series with red details was launched around the release of the new sequel trilogy and the standalone anthologies. These figures have been released in twelve waves. From 2016 onwards, phase 4 editions have been released with redesigned packaging and new numbering. 

There are also deluxe editions and the archive line with updated face prints and exclusive figures such as the Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, and Deathtrooper Specialist box set.

The 40th anniversary of Star Wars marked a new collection in the series, too. This was the Star Wars Black Series Legacy Edition. These have included stands for twelve reissued models with a reversible backdrop, sticker sheets, a club membership card, and a certificate. 

Overall, there are 400 action figures in the series! So you'll need to clear up some shelf space ...

Why Are They So Valuable?

Each collectible piece has been made with real-looking face printing technology, full features, accessories, and moving body parts. The quality and authenticity on their own are what lends itself to the price point, but it hikes even more for some of the rarer action figures. As with any toy line, the harder it is to find and the more preserved the condition, the more expensive it can get.

Although, you can expect less popular figures that will drop in price over the years, so they’re easier to acquire for your collection.

While most figures haven't seen an exponential increase in value quite yet, expect these to become more valuable over the coming years as the Star Wars franchise continues to grow thanks to Disney's investments.

What Are the Rarest Figures in the Series?

The set featuring Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite is considered the most valuable in the entirety of the Black Series. Other rare action figures that cost more include the Battle on Endor set, Cara Dune, and the Mandalorian first edition.

Though some of these are still at a reasonable MSRP, the aftermarket markup is what adds at least a hundred dollars on the tag due to their rarity.

How Can I Spot a Fake Versus a Legitimate Black Series Figure?

If you’re not buying directly from a legitimate collectibles store, you’ll want to check the price and the packaging. Price points can be complicated because of varying values, though you shouldn’t find one that’s too magically cheap.

As for packaging, you’ll want to check the accuracy of the design, text, and colour variations in line with the release wave it’s supposed to be part of. You should also check the actual build and finish of the action figure for quality. Certain collectibles also come with pieces and extra items that should still be in the packaging.

If you're ever in doubt, there are tons of helpful collectors on popular forums like Yakface and ActionFigureNews who can lead you in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

If you go to a reputable collectibles toy store, you should be able to find yourself a Star Wars Black Series action figure or at least find out where you can source out a legitimate collectible or two. Whether you want it for display or you have someone in mind to gift it to, this series is one of the most notorious and desired options out there. Any legitimate action figure from one of its waves of releases would be a real ‘force’ to reckon with in your collection. 


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