7 Essential Combat Forms to Use in Your Jedi Cosplay

To survive, every Jedi and Sith in the galaxy must be adept in a lightsaber battle. Although the Jedi prefer peaceful talks, this does not imply they do not value lightsaber fighting. Every type of lightsaber battle is acknowledged within The Saber Legion, although as fighting tactics have progressed, specific combat methods have become obsolete. 

So how do Star War fans incorporate these skills in their authentic Jedi Cosplay? Keep reading to discover the seven essential forms of the way of the saber!

Form I: Shii-Cho

A Jedi or Sith trainee is taught to recognize all seven types of warfare when studying lightsaber skills. Shii-Cho, commonly known as Style I, is the Jedi Order's first and most basic lightsaber fighting. Shii-Cho is still taught to new Jedis since it is the most fundamental. 

When all other kinds of warfare have failed, this approach is the most common alternative. Because of its early beginnings, Shii-Cho is not designed for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat and is mainly utilized for defense.

Form II: Makashi

When the Dark Jedi and Sith Lords appeared, Form I became obsolete. The Jedi needed an aggressive form that was offensive and defensive, something more suited for lightsaber-to-lightsaber confrontation. 

At this point, many people moved to the Makashi form, also known as Form II or the Contention Form. This style is elegant and strategic, concentrating on balance and intricate footwork to outwit their opponent. Opponents in the Makashi form utilize only one hand, and the user is typically able to disarm their opponent without killing them.

Form III: Soresu

Soresu is the Third Form, which is thought to have been devised in reaction to the galaxy's increasing quantity of blasters; it allows Jedi to block and even reflect blaster bolts. 

By the time of the prequel trilogy, every Jedi had been trained in Soresu, in part because it is a very beneficial exercise. "At first, [Padawans'] major concentration was defense, learning to deflect laser blasts while wearing special helmets that masked their vision," says the author.

Form IV: Ataru

This form is one of the most aggressive, depending mainly on Force-assisted acrobatics, and as such, it has only been mastered by the Jedi, who are the strongest in the Force. 

It is downright offensive and performs best in one-on-one duels when the master of Form IV seeks to terminate combat as quickly as possible. The finest Ataru masters bounce about their surroundings, unleashing sweeping blows that appear out of nowhere, forcing an opponent to defend.

Form V: Shien & Djem So

Form V, on the other hand, was Anakin Skywalker's favourite. This was created by Form III practitioners who recognized the need for a more aggressive edge. It combines several of Soresu's strengths, such as solid blocks and parries, with greater counterattacks and ripostes. 

This form is mainly employed in close-quarters combat and excels at batting back blaster bolts, although Djem So is a variation built for blade-on-blade fighting.

Form VI: Niman

Form VI, commonly known as "The Way of the Rancor," combines components from the preceding five forms. 

Because it is simple to understand and execute, it is prevalent among Jedi who don't focus on combat training. As a result, Jedi who have mastered other forms may regard it as inferior.

Form VII: Vaapad

Vaapad, the ultimate lightsaber fighting form, is the most contentious. According to different sources, it most likely arose millennia ago as an offshoot of Form I. Unlike other forms, Vaapad urges Jedi to accept their emotions and channel them into a relentless assault.


As you can see from the examples above, there is no one "correct" method to wield a lightsaber.

Two-handed, one-handed, back-handed, double-bladed, or even two at once, as long as you know the history of the character you're cosplaying (or the dueling technique you're utilizing), you can't go wrong.

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