Best Collectible Toys for Kids 5 Years Old and Under

Collectibles are some of the best toys to get your kids. Every time they get one, they can’t wait to proudly add their new find to their collection. These toys offer that element of surprise that children just cannot resist; they excitedly try to guess which one they’ll get next. 

While collectibles are usually just small toys, they’re highly valued by their little collectors. Many kids learn to save money from their allowance to get their hands on these collectibles as well. If you’re thinking of what to give to your child or a beloved nephew or niece, consider one of these top collectibles for kids ages five and below that you can find at online toy stores:

Peppa Pig

Based on the popular animated TV show that aired for the first time in 2004, Peppa Pig collectibles are still as popular as ever. Everybody loves the four-year-old pig, her brother George, and all their family and friends! Peppa Pig toys are a big hit, especially for preschoolers. 

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These adorable shopping item characters became popular in 2014. Kids who love to collect Shopkins love that they release new themes and characters every season. From grocery items, beauty items, shoes, houseware products, and more, there's certainly something for every kid!

Disney Tsum Tsums

As if our beloved Disney characters were not cute enough, Disney created Tsum Tsums. These stuffed collectibles come in three different sizes, and children can easily track their collection using the Collector Guide. Kids can get Tsum Tsums that are either common, lucky, or super lucky. You can buy them in 3-pack, 9-pack, or a mystery pack.

Puppy in My Pocket

For little ones who love puppies, Puppy in My Pocket offers over 100 tiny, cute puppies that they can collect. There are blind bags, play sets, and even wearable accessories. There's also a collector's checklist with the puppy's breed and name.

Funko Pop! Vinyl

Funko Pops are a favorite of kids and kids at heart because they have collectibles from almost every franchise imaginable. So whether your kid loves Disney, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or others, they're likely to find a Funko Pop version of their favorite characters. Funko Pops are the type of collection that one can continue to grow until they're old because they're timeless.

Funko Pops are also available in Mystery Minis. These are perfect for kids who want to be completely surprised by their purchase.

Gift 'ems

These are mini dolls that young kids love to collect and include a gift box with a doll from a specific city and country. The doll will also have its own name plus some iconic shots from its destination city! A doll may be common, rare, ultra rare, special edition, or limited edition.


These are just six of the most popular collectibles you can get for kids right now. Of course, there are many others out there that are equally fun to play and collect! Most of these toys are available from online toy stores but you need to make sure that you're getting them from a reputable store so you can be certain of the quality of the collectibles you're getting. For the best collectible toys for your beloved kids, trust Goodfind Toys.

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