15 Instagram Accounts Toy Collectors Should Be Following

We here at Goodfind Toys have put together a list of some of our favourite Instagram accounts from the collecting community. Here’s where we get a bunch of our industry news, where we learn about new collectibles, and where we stay entertained.

If you’re going to mindlessly scroll your IG feed while you watch Netflix, you might as well have some top notch accounts on there to catch your attention.

1. Goodfind Toys [@goodfindtoys]

Ok! Let’s get this one out of the way first. Goodfind Toys is your source for vintage toys and some of the newest and hottest collectible toys. If you’re not following us already, hop aboard that train now. Or check out our latest stock here.

2. Funko Pop [@originalfunko]

At this point, if a character has ever been in a movie, a TV show, a game, a commercial, or even a breakfast cereal, there’s a VERY good chance there’s a Funko Pop figurine of it … plus a variant or three. Follow the feed to see what’s left for them to release. More Funko here.

3. The Pop Insider [@thepopinsider]

Here’s one of our go-tos for all the latest news about what’s going on in the toy space. This active feed posts info on every kind of collectible from the Schitt’s Creek board game to R2D2 Tamagotchis. Keep an eye out for regular giveaways too!

4. Brian Volk-Weiss [@brianvolkweiss]

The man behind Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us show, Brian posts his light-hearted takes on the latest and greatest in pop culture, from TV shows to collectibles to movies. We love seeing his frequent pick-up updates for his toy collection.

5. Toys From The ‘80s [@toysfromthe80s]

Travel back in time as you scroll through Vince’s vast collection of toys from the ‘80s. The Tuscon, Arizona-based collector will tickle your nostalgia bone with posts about Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Masters Of The Universe, and much, much more.

6. Animist [@hannibalsaikaku]

Here’s the IG account from the man who “bring[s] lifeless objects to life.” The feed shows off his wildly detailed stop-motion animations, as well as some behind-the-scenes secrets of how he does it. And when we say “wildly detailed” we mean WILDLY DETAILED. We’re still trying to figure out how he made Kanada’s jacket ripple.

7. Chris Lynch [@chezpics66]

This action-figure photographer focuses on Star Wars scenes, and captures the wretched hives of scum and villainy so effectively you’d think he was actually shooting on Tatooine.

8. Eddie Merriken [@billykessler]

This action figure photography feed is named after Cobra Commander’s son from G.I. Joe, which is appropriate since Eddie creates incredible battlefield scenes with those toys (and others), using practical effects to bring them to life with drama and atmosphere.

9. Connor Yoho [@lego_lutz]

Connor draws from his experience in the film and TV industry in Los Angeles to give his Lego figurines the Hollywood treatment.

10. Trevor Williams [@onesix_shooter]

This professional toy photographer stuns with every shot. His scenes look like they could be official movie posters, and it’s even more impressive to see how he puts them all together with his behind-the-scenes footage. His work has been recognized with multiple prizes, including Best In Show (Visual Art) at the Star Wars Fan Awards in 2018.

11. Hasbro [@hasbro]

One of the granddaddies of toy companies, Hasbro was founded by the Hassenfeld Brothers almost a century ago — it’ll be blowing out 100 candles in 2023. Check their IG feed for the latest lineups of upcoming toys and hot deals from around the web.

12. McFarlane Toys [@mcfarlane_toys_official]

Stay up-to-date with the wide variety of poseable action figures from Todd McFarlane’s toy company. The Spawn creator has licences for characters from across the world of pop culture, including DC Comics, Game Of Thrones and Mortal Kombat. Check out Goodfind’s stock of McFarlane’s collectibles here.

13. Spin Master [@spinmaster]

Follow this Canadian entertainment giant for everything PAW Patrol, as well as Bakugan, Rubik’s Cube, and way more.

14. Mattel [@mattel]

Another giant in the toy world, Mattel has been around for more than 75 years. You’ll find updates and photos from their diverse toy licenses, including WWE, Minecraft and Masters Of The Universe. More Mattel toys here.

15. Ty [@tyinc]

Ty is the Illinois-based toy company behind the iconic Beanie Babies brand. The Instagram account shares the latest releases of their animal stuffies and will add a serious dose of cuteness to your feed.

That's all for now, but don't forget that Goodfind Toys offers only the best brands of toys for kids (and adults) of all ages!